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As the only English-speaking country in Central America, Belize has been attracting expats in the know from the U. But the fact that folks in these parts speak English albeit with a twist is only the beginning of the long list of reasons to give this little country a close look. Belize was a colony of the Crown until , and the British left behind more than their language. They established a stable government, an English-based educational system, secure international business structures, and a legal system tied to the highest court in Great Britain. They also built themselves a banking haven. They looked around at the top banking havens worldwide at the time and cherry-picked the best elements of the banking laws in each case.

Best Places To Meet Girls In Belize City & Dating Guide

Hello, With cultural barriers and different dating norms, finding love as an expat abroad can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Is it easy to meet other fellow single people in Belize? How do you go about meeting people through friends, online dating, apps, meetup groups?

success, and to date only a few hundred retirees have taken advantage of the program. Although under the QRP program you cannot work for pay in Belize, you can own This is what most retirees and other expats do, at least initially.

Yes, Belize is safe, and quite beautiful too! The key to staying safe in Belize is to practice common sense and stay away from a few specific neighborhoods — a fair trade-off for an unforgettable trip to paradise. Use this guide to learn everything you ever wanted to know about staying safe in Belize — from outdoor adventures to health and wellness. With pristine white-sand beaches and sparkling aquamarine and sapphire waters, Belize is a playground for expatriates and snowbirds alike.

Because tourism is crucial to the economic well-being of this small tropical nation, accommodations, reputable drivers, and tour guides work hard to keep visitors safe and ensure that they have a great time. So, like pretty much any other destination in the world, Belize is safe if you exercise prudence. With a little bit of preparation, some inside knowledge, and the ongoing support of Anywhere, you too can have a fun, happy, and safe vacation in Belize. Yes, Belize is safe for a vacation.

Not just a few days behind the gates of a resort, but a real getaway full of adventure and cultural exchanges. Despite its issues, Belize remains a popular vacation destination. Not only is it a tropical paradise, it also boasts lush jungles, ancient ruins, delicious Afro-Caribbean cuisine, and friendly people. It may sound like a plug, but the best way to have a safe vacation in Belize really is to book with Anywhere.

Yes, it is safe to travel to Belize with your family.

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For singles traveling here or even those in a relationship but looking, Belize offers the chance of truly exotic adventure and variety. The country has a small population and you might have to look a little bit harder for a date and romance to suit your likes, compared to say neighboring Honduras or Guatemala. I will be bold and condemned for it, but your mileage may be off the Richter scale in Belize.

Other single women I’ve met have hooked up with Belizean men, so are a large expat population, including many singles of all ages (I myself.

Expat health insurance is a common thing that people who are looking to move to Belize do research on. It can be a confusing topic and easy to fall down a deep internet rabbit hole looking for answers. I decided to reach out to a well-qualified source to help take the guesswork out of Expat health insurance options. She also covers the two main types of policies and what to look for when you are comparing companies or in the fine print.

When looking for travel health insurance advice, sometimes the professionals can really help you navigate the complicated landscape. While reading the terms and conditions of the aspects of your travel policy may be the least fun part of your journey, it is a must in the exciting world of Expats. Learning which airlines have strict baggage policies is just as important as knowing about the type of travel insurance you need.

Knowing how long you will be away, where you are traveling and if your current coverage will provide protection are the first steps to being well insured. Most regions have specific regional coverage options, and there are also larger companies that offer more broad options. A Google search for travel insurance will display some of the top-ranking insurance providers. But what makes these plans so different from each other?

Primarily, expats focus on the price of insurance and assume that insurance companies will hold up their end of the contract. What constitutes the prices that they are reflecting?

Dating and finding love as an expat in Belize

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Belize City with a dating guide then welcome to our site. Hopefully you can give us a few minutes to tell you all about where you can pick up single women and also take them out on a date night. Table of Contents. Our posts always begin with the nightlife, next we will cover meeting single Belize City girls during the day and how you can use online dating sites to your maximum advantage.

Date night ideas and things to do with your special lady will also be discussed.

Tips For Tourists & Expats · Club Elite · Tropicana Lounge · Baymen’s Tavern · Calypso · Sit & Sip Belize · Vibe – Day &.

Thinking of moving abroad as a single woman? In this article, Cathi Bray meet three single women in Belize now living the dream as expats in tropical Central America. Many would agree it takes guts to pick up and move to a foreign country. But for a single woman to move to a developing country has to be proof of an almost heroic level of fortitude and strength.

Now in her 60s, Debra and her late husband first came as snowbirds in , spending their winters in Belize to escape the Colorado cold. But when her husband died in , life changed for Debra, who had to decide her future as a single woman. We had talked about the inevitable, and we both decided to continue living abroad no matter who went first.

Debra said she feels safe in her village.

Where to Stay in Belize

But what is it really like to live in Belize? On our Web site, Best Places in the World to Retire , more than 50 experts most of them expats provided more than 1, answers to the most often asked questions about living in Belize. Belize formerly British Honduras is slightly smaller than the state of New Hampshire, but with a population of only about ,, which is about one-quarter of New Hampshire’s.

Belize is bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south. Belize Cost of Living. Where you choose to live in Belize will have a significant impact on how much it costs you.

Recent years have seen expats flocking to Belize at an ever-increasing rate. Stay up to date with all of our Belize Travel Blogs and Tips by following us on.

We’ve eaten at Corkers with family and friends. It’s an expat hangout that locals like as well. They have a full service bar and great food. I enjoy the feel of the place and the service is very accommodating. The best thing on the menu are the burgers. It’s not always easy to get a great burger in Belize, and Corker’s burgers are the best in Belmopan in my humble opinion. We had the beef stew and a burger.

There were mosquitoes and the place is open. Bring repellent. Service was OK. Stopped in for an icy cold draft beer something not all that easy to find in Belize and a few appetizers. Service was great, food was excellent and the atmosphere relaxed and inviting. Of the choices in Belmopan this one should be near the top of your list.

Perhaps my friends and i didn’t order their best plates, but the food was terribly seasoned and lacked the fullness of a real meal.


Print Thread. Hi all, I’ve been considering the possibility of moving to Ambergris Caye. From reading forum posts, I get the impression that the majority of people who live there are couples and an even greater number are retired couples. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m 43 and looking for a complete change of lifestyle, primarily to relocate from the poor weather here over the winter.

I’m aware that employment would not be possible.

An expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person residing in a country other than their native The following is a list of notable works and authors, by approximate date of publication. 19th century: Belize: The Mosquito Coast. Cambodia.

In fact one might say that when the build of our house here on Ambergris Caye was taking place I was quite prolific. Some days I put two editions out! When I started the blog I was, perhaps, somewhat like the hare. Decidedly more like the tortoise! Until now! We thought no more about the spot, packed our suitcases, dropped Ziggy off at his chosen holiday hotel, Pampered Paws and made our way to Nashville.

Yee-haw did I really just type that????

Demographics in Belize

Recent years have seen expats flocking to Belize at an ever-increasing rate. While it’s long been a favorite of scuba divers and explorers, what is it about this Central American nation that’s brought it onto the radar of people looking to relocate there for the long haul? Here are a few of the reasons more and more North Americans are turning to Belize as their retirement destination of choice. Belize is the northeastern-most of all the Central American nations, making it the easiest of all to access from the U.

Hello, With cultural barriers and different dating norms, finding love as an expat abroad can be exciting and challenging at the same time.

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